Candlewood Lake Elementary School

CLES Mission and Beliefs

At Candlewood Lake Elementary School, we are a student-centered community dedicated to challenging, supporting, and empowering all learners to contribute positively to our world.

To achieve our Mission.

Overall Description of Our New School - Architectural Design 

“No house should ever be on a hill or on anything.  It should be of the hill.  Belonging to it.  Hill and house should live together each the happier for the other.”

-Frank Lloyd Wright


The new Candlewood Lake Elementary School should be a celebration of Brookfield and Community.  The design and concepts of the school are intended to relate and live within the natural outdoors to allow the community to experience the building in more ways than just being a school.  Materials were selected as a nod to our Town such as the heavy timbers, Connecticut field stone, and ironspot brick.  Restoration of streams and walking bridges adorn the site to help create a welcoming and inviting environment for our students and community.  Throughout the school, images from town such as the Happy Landings windmill, birch tree forest, Hop Brook, and Lake Lillinonah are highlighted along with boulders and other natural materials.  The aesthetics are heightened in various ways such as the Still River terrazzo floor at the main entry and tree and canopy forests in the Lower Cafeteria and Gross Motor Skills room. 

The individual classroom wings are themed to represent various ecosystems as follows:.  

Graphic wall panels and highlighted sculptures replace institutional looking hallways as natural light floods the entire building creating support for an enhancement of human health and general well-being.

Highly engaging instructional approaches are enhanced through the design and implementation of various technologies and spaces within the new school.  

From outdoor amphitheater classrooms, breakout spaces, interactive wall and floor displays, and by providing flexible spaces for activities and teaching methods; the only limit will be our own.

The goal of the new school project has always been to show our community what a building can be and how it can better our students and their well-being through proper planning and design.  We are excited to share and celebrate this experience with everyone.

Countdown to Candlewood Lake
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Candlewood Lake Elementary School Move In Update 12-15-22

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CLES Universally Designed Playgrounds

CLES Completion Narrative By Month - Presented to BOE 12/14/22


CLES Completion Plans for BOE - Presented to BOE 12/14/22

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Groundbreaking Ceremony - Saturday, May 1, 2021

NEW CLES Transition Plan Presentation

New School Name Updates

In the very early hours of October 1st, the State legislature passed HB 7010 which authorized the State grant commitments for school building projects including $16,745,712 for our new Brookfield elementary school! The grant application was submitted on-time, well over a year ago, and represents a lot of hard work as well as support from this community!