Included In Cost QA1

Q: What determines the 18.25% soft costs associated with the project? 10-19

A: These soft costs are based on historical averages, and usually involve the following: Land Acquisition Miscellaneous Administration Costs Clerk Of The Works Architect / Engineer Fees, Consultants CL&P Rebate Geothermal Consultant (In Add Alternate) Other Consultants: LEED / Energy Audit A/E Reimbursables (Café Study And Reimb.) Environmental Consultant Surveys, Borings, Geotechnical Report Traffic Study Testing, Inspections, Special Inspections 3rd Party Inspection Engineer Independent Structural Review Independent Code Compliance (Local) Review: By AH Printing, Mailing, Allowance Furniture, Equipment FF&E Specialty Signage (Exterior Monumental) Loose Furnishings Food Service Equipment Network Equipment (MDF/IDF/WAPS) Telecommunications Equipment Audio/Visual Equipment Furniture Consultant Telephone System Technology Equipment Technology Technology Consultant Security System: In Construction Cost Security Consultant, In A/E Fee Builder's Risk Insurance Moving Expenses, Storage Bonding / Legal Expenses ‐ By Separate Funding Short Term Financing State Permit Fee (0.26 / 1000 Of Const. Cost) Commissioning Utilities (During Construction) ‐ By Owner, Other Owners Contingency Owners Representative (Pm)

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