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Q. Why was option 6b not considered? In my opinion that was a far superior choice for many reasons. I think creating such a large student body within one building is a big mistake.

The Pros for having two separate elementary buildings -The PreK-2 population can have everything tailored to their size, such as cafeteria tables. -Two schools resulting is lower student body will make emergency evacuations much safer. Smaller, warmer setting. -Lunch waves will be less chaotic -Two separate buildings for the community to use if needed -Transition time between rooms is decreased because there is less space to travel to gym, cafeteria, etc. 10-27

A: The strategic facilities committee considered all options prior to choosing the proposed new school project as the best option. 6b was not chosen because of the disruptive factors associated with a renovation project to Huckleberry Hill (with greater unpredictability in the control of time, money, and construction factors), and because of the lack of viable sites upon which to build a new PreK-2 school.

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