Savings Taxes Debt QA2

Q: What are the annual cost savings described? 10-19

A: The annual cost savings are comprised as follows:

Energy Savings: $200K. This is the difference between the cost of operating CES and HHES and the projected cost to operate the new school, minus the amount to keep CES operating in an idle state.

Staff Consolidation & Reduction of Redundancies: $200K. This includes some staff reductions that are not appropriate to announce at this early point in the process, as they involve personnel and union contracts. Compensation step levels are reduced due to being under one roof. For example, the new school would have only one head custodian vs the 2 head custodians in our current 2‐school model. Bus Operational savings are under review and are not considered in the 200k of savings. Any transportation savings will be above and beyond the 200k estimate discussed above.

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