Savings Taxes Debt QA6

Q: It was quoted that approximately $200,000 in taxpayer costs will be reduced because we are closing 2 schools, however, Center School will be re-purposed, and thus still be a tax payer expense. Where is this $200,000 taxpayer savings coming from? 10-27

A: The net energy savings with the new school proposal are conservatively estimated to be $200K. This is the difference between the current cost of operating CES and HHES and the projected cost to operate the new school ($250K), minus the amount to keep CES operating in an idle state. This has been estimated at $30K annually, which we have increased to $50K to remain conservative and to add a contingency. This annual cost includes:

Heating $10,000

Electric $5,000

Water testing $2,800

Water system operator $4,000

Alarm testing $2,125

Alarm monitoring $2,000

Pest Control $875

Asbestos monitoring $1,000

Fire pump inspection $675

Emergency lighting $1,25

Total $29,725

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