Site QA3

Q: I see that the new school is on a flood plain. When was the last time that area flooded? Is there a plan in place for if/ when that area does flood? 10-27

A: The existing property does contain boundaries for a 500-year flood plain. Similar to the existing building, the new building will be located outside this boundary area and above the flood plain elevation. The design will incorporate additional floodproof measures, if deemed necessary, both for the site and building to further mitigate any concerns relative to potential for flooding, which are already included in the proposed budget. Lastly, both local and state review boards will review the detailed plans developed should this referendum proposal be approved. The state process will likely require a flood management certification from the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (CTDEEP) which will review detailed information pertaining to the potential for flooding and ensure necessary measures are taken.

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