Size & Design QA8

Q: There is clearly not enough classrooms for gym, art or music. Will there be another draft of the plans? 10-27

A: It is important to remember that these plans are still conceptual, and will be refined to ensure all of the components fit our district’s programming requirements. For example, one of the multi-use classrooms could be transformed into an additional art classroom, or it could remain a multi-use space with some art instruction usage. While there is only one gymnasium in the plan, it is large enough to be partitioned off to run an effective class on each side. Having dedicated cafeteria areas means that the gymnasium can be used throughout the day without having to accommodate for lunch periods. There is a large multi-purpose space within the Early Childhood Learning Center that will be used for gross motor skills activities. In addition, the main multi-purpose area can also be a physical education space for fitness, other than big game activities.

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