Timeline Communication QA5

Q: If the referendum is passed in March 2019, when and where will detailed plans be available for public comment? Will the architects be willing to alter any of their plans? Will the construction company chosen be allowed be alter the architects' plans in any major way? 1-11-18

A: If the referendum is approved in March, the next step will be to submit an application for grant funding to the state. This is due by June 30th. We will hear if we are placed on a priority list in December of 2019. That is a good indication that we will receive state funding, and at that time we will start pre-construction design. Prior to that, we will be meeting with focus groups to refine the conceptual schematics into a design that fully fit our community.

The architect’s plans will not be modified to any major degree without approval from the Board of Education and authorization from the Municipal Building Committee.

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