What Happens CES QA2

Q: In the preferred option “C” it states “Repurpose of Center School” Could you explain in greater detail exactly what that means?

As and available asset once the project is completed I would think that it would be utilized financially in some fashion to help pay for the overall project reducing the financial burden on the residence of Brookfield. 10-27

A: Once Center School is vacated, it would be turned over to the town to be repurposed for another use. This could take many different forms, all aimed at alleviating the many space constraints faced throughout the community. The school could be renovated into a new library, or utilized for office space to address the overcrowding in town hall. It could be envisioned as a community center, with meeting spaces for community clubs and organizations and areas for sports activities.

As you mentioned, Center could alternately be sold, with the proceeds helping to offset the cost. Because of the real need for additional space in town, however, the prevailing thought is to repurpose it to directly benefit town usage. A town task force will ultimately be convened to determine the best solution and outcome.

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